Scavengers Union

The Scavengers Union was founded in 1992. “Before we started the club, we were waif of the goodness of each institution,” says Spyros, the president of the Union. The need for their survival has led them to realize that they have to be organized, in order to claim and finally be able to get a stable place for the weekly bazaar of the Union, which takes place every Sunday. People with different cultures, backgrounds and religious views coexist in harmony. The honorary chairman, president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant, members, honorary members, they all form a human maypole, a miniature of our society.

Research/Direction/Script : Marina Danezi
Production : Nicholas Triandafyllidis / Marina Danezi / Marni Films
Music : Kostis Zouliatis
Music Recording / Mixing Engineer : Costas Chrysogelos
Editing : Phani Ziozia , Marina Danezi
Mixage : Aris Louziotis
Assistant Director : Giannis Charitidis

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