Record – Mix – Production

Since the early 90s, I’ve been involved in the music scene of Greece having released music, personal or with bands in labels from New York, Miami, France, Tokyo, Berlin and all around the world, quite a time for understanding and having the knowledge of sound shaping through different eras and genres.

Having worked or played with bands whose sound varies from rock, garage, heavy rock, country, electronica, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, improvisations and so on and have been part of or just present in recordings in some of the best and biggest studios of Greece, is a huge plus to have seen first-hand techniques and ideas from a wide range of talented and successful engineers.

I record, mix or produce music for bands or solo artists for discography, theatrical plays, movies, jingles, and special events such as museum exhibitions, etc.
There is a wide group of talented session musicians that we create together the music needed for every occasion asked ranging from Traditional music, Classical quartets, Contemporary and Classic Rock/Pop, Electronic, Jazz, etc…

I collaborate with some exceptional analog recording (if this is your weapon of choice) and mastering studios but there?s always the option ?in the box? with a hybrid analog-digital set-up which lowers the cost significantly but without affecting the quality

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