PAOK 90 Xronia



After receiving the “Hellenic Federation of Film Critics” award in the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) we are now nominated for best documentary in the Hellenic Film Academy awards.

Good luck to everyone!

Penny Dreadful - Pilgrimage

Penny Dreadful’s – Pilgrimage is now available at their bandcamp page. More formats coming along the way but until then, go and download that beautiful album.



PAOK 90 Xronia

PAOK 90 Years. Longing for the future

November 5th. The documentary of the late Nicholas Triantafyllidis premiere at the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF). Finished by Marina Danezi (also a director) producer of the movie but most important the partner of Nicholas, she knew exactly what and how to do it.
It was his Swan Song just as he would like it to be, she says.
A true honor to write and record the original score for both me and Alex K!


It’s July, we’re in the heart of summer and during the break of the recordings of the new Penny Dreadful album myself and my talented friend Alex K. (The Last Drive, Thee Holy Strangers) are composing and recording the score for the upcoming documentary for P.A.O.K’s 90 years, one of the greatest football clubs of Greece.
Unfortunately the amazing director of the film, Nicholas Triantafyllidis, passed away last month defeated from lung cancer. Through sadness and sorrow we feel obliged to deliver the score, fulfill his vision and celebrate his talent.

R.I.P Nicholas

Taking a small break between the recordings of the new Penny Dreadful album which we are making at the beautiful Shakti Sound Studio. Such a blessing producing their second album. Amazing songs and beautiful people. We’re in the middle of the recordings and can’t wait to start mixing it!!! Stay tuned for updates.
P.s Don’t forget to check the band…
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