RELEASED: 22/09/2008
ARTIST: Digital Alkemist - Utopia Vs Reality
LABEL: Sabotage Concept
PRODUCER: Digital Alkemist
D. Alkemist – Utopia Vs Reality

Looking back in time Digital Alkemist was always the right man for the job.

Either was his drum skills on a wide range of styles as a musician for acts like Nightstalker, Blend sextet & Night on Earth or his works for a numerous of great labels such as Shadow rec, Mole Listening Pearls, Zyx, Sony music, Cast-A-Blast, Timewarp music, Kriztal entertainment and more.

Utopia Vs Reality is the long awaited new release by the man himself and comes to prove every word on our intro.

This is an album of many shades in the electronic music with a well organized but still unique blend of, Nu Funk Breaks, Massive basslines , Fat drums, Tight production and Brasilian attitude. All of the above plus the collaborations with vocalists: Marina Ribeiro Lopez & Niara Rodrigues from Brasil, Rapper BnC from Dominican Republic / NYC, Sofia Sarri (Night On Earth) and SugahSpank (The Swing Shoes, Sugah Galore, Blend Sextet) from Greece elevates the record to a whole new level.

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