Right Version Left
RELEASED: 25/03/2002
ARTIST: Digital Alkemist - Right Version Left
LABEL: Mole Listening Pearls
PRODUCER: Digital Alkemist
D. Alkemist – Right Version Left

This 12 isn?t a record for fancy deejays.3 tracks louder than a bomb with a huge percussion influenced flavour will mash up the club floors. We warrent you, that your soundsystem will get a freak out. Organic percussion and funky live basslines fused with tweaky tech noises and effects for dancefloor destruction. Quite unique and expertly produced

The greek talent Costas Chrysogelos is one of these musicians, who know the words ?cultivated bouncin stuff, no more words to explain his shit…but hold on, just two words: FUNKY PRESSURE!!!

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