Digital Alkemist - Fuga Magica
RELEASED: 08/10/2010
ARTIST: Digital Alkemist - Fuga Magica
LABEL: Mole Listening Pearls
PRODUCER: Digital Alkemist
Digital Alkemist – Fuga Magica

Fuga Magica is exactly what the title says. The actual and musical runaway from a dark era through streets and alleys, keys and notes, cables and knobs. A morbid and confused feeling is rising up?.

A session in a smokey backroom, a performance at the dark theatre, a hangover after a rainy night but also a visit at the vineyard and a walk at Venice beach. All of these, combined with the Magic and the unexpected that life itself contains in his stories day in and day out ? this is what ?Fuga Magica? is meant to be and represents.

The artist Costas Chrysogelos a.k.a Digital Alkemist has recorded this album in Athens and partially in Miami from October 2008 to February 2010. He creates an album without repeating himself in sounds and melodies. It is the first full vocal album with lots of natural instruments and less electronic soundscapes ? as usual. Fuga Magica for him was a territory exploring new ways of creating music. Acoustic guitars, keys, violins, solid basslines, tripped out grooves and a ton of other instruments without missing the electronic background. On Fuga Magica you will find trip hop, rock, funk and downtempo tracks all polished with the shine of electronic
glimpse and perfect voices. A perfect mixture of music!

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