DiaL - Until the Sun Comes Out
RELEASED: 20/04/2014
ARTIST: DiaL - Until the Sun Comes Out
LABEL: Self Released
PRODUCER: Costas Chrysogelos a.k.a Digital Alkemist
DiaL – Until the Sun Comes Out

DiaL is the new moniker of the one and only Digital Alkemist, refreshed and brand new.

Four years after ‘Fuga Magica’ which was released on the German label Mole Listening Pearls he returns with a powerful new album, which was created with a variety of fine friends and musicians. Known for his services as a drummer in bands such as the Nightstalker, Night On Earth, Blend Sextet and Thee Holy Strangers, his personal albums enroutes a unique musical path, without deleting his influences from his musical trips.

In his third full album ?’Until The Sun Comes Out’, which you can find via bandcamp, iTunes and many other web music stores, he is accompanied by:
The voices of Jenny Kapadai (Thee Holy Strangers, Rosewood Brothers, ex-Expert Medicine) and Helen Valentis, Half of Night On Earth (Costinho on keyboards, John Kritikos on violin and Petros Lampridis on bass), forces of Dustbowl and Thee Holy Strangers (T-Nick on the electric guitar, John Hardy on pedal steel), Guitars of Stathis Ioannou (Illegal Operation), Johnie Thin and Socos and the accordion of Elli Kyriazidou.

With his own perception about trip hop and downtempo rhythms, both from the sides of composer and producer and synchronized with the most melodic trends of electronica, his work translates into new sounds and rhythms everything that has passed in recent years: the crisis as reflected in everyday life, friends departures, the surrounding gloom, the visible and invisible war, love, creation and all that compose the adventurous journey from darkness to light.
The soundtrack of eternal expectation: Until the Sun Comes Out.
The album is comes with a beautiful booklet which was edited by Irene Bogri.
Concept photographs: Dimitris Milonas aka Milo, Jodi Stoltenberg and Benjamin Forde who?s signing the haunted cover photo.

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