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Photograph by Zois Louvaris

Through the Years...

Athens based musician, sound engineer, producer and sound designer Costas Chrysogelos, first opened his eyes in the early 70s and grew up in a music family.

A natural born drummer, involved in performing since his early teen years as a member of various bands such as Nightstalker, Blend Sextet (Blend Mishkin), Night On Earth and Thee Holy Strangers .

Music production (Digital Alkemist) came along while studying sound engineering and music technology in order to fulfill the need of exploration and experimentation within the realm of sounds consequently making a name as a unique and cultivated musician/producer.

His first release for Mole Listening Pearls in 2002 the 12″ Right Version Left, reached no.4 in the DCC Club Charts. As a Dj he mixed in many bars and clubs all over the country and in 2008 he joined forces as a special guest with Los Angeles based Drum ‘n’ Bass crew, Respect and appeared at The Echoplex club.

Over the years he released music in labels such as the legendary Shadow Records (NY) and UCMG (DE-FR), Sony BMG (GR – World), Meteor City (DE), Inner Ear (GR), Phazz-A-Delic (DE), Kriztal entertainment (MIA), Timewarp Music (GR) and many more.

In 2018 he joined the DNA Lab team as a studio manager and head sound engineer and has done sound design and surround film mix in feature films, short films and documentaries in the Dolby authorized studio located in Athens, Greece.

He has recorded, mixed or produced music for theatrical plays, dance theatres, documentaries, movies, bands and commercials. Has performed in the theatre play Linie 1 as an on stage band member and has been on the film set of the great Theodoros Angelopoulos -Eternity and a day- and Dinos Katsouridis in the movie Watch Out! Red Light.

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