Costas Drums

Photograph by Zois Louvaris

Through the Years...

Athens based instrumentalist, music producer, sound designer and sound engineer Costas Chrysogelos a.k.a Digital Alkemist, first opened his eyes in the early ’70s and grew up in a musically influenced family environment. A natural born drummer, he’s been involved in performing since his early teen years as a member of various punk and rock bands. The dawn of the new millenium found him ,for the second time, on the drums of legendary heavy rock band, “Nightstalker” with recordings for labels such as “Meteor City”. They recorded two albums together until he eventually left the band ten years after joining them.

While touring and rocking it out with the band, Costas got involved in Dj-ing and mixed in many bars and clubs all over the country. During 2008 he joined forces as a special guest with Los Angeles based Drum ‘n’ Bass crew, “Respect” and appeared at The Echoplex club.

He participated in music collectives such as the “Blend Sextet” – the project of Reggae/Hip Hop producer Blend Mishkin and “Night On Earth” – the band whose sound is more influenced by the images of Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai than a specific musical movement – in which he is a founder member. In 2012 he joined “Thee Holy Strangers” a super-collective featuring members from Greece’s finest bands such as The Last Drive, Make Believe, Dustbowl, Down ’n’ Out.

Digital Alkemist was “born” in the late 90’s in order to fulfill the need of exploration and experimentation within the realm of music. His tunes have been included in Greek label compilations, which helped in making his name known as a unique and cultivated musician/producer providing quality sound productions. His first release for Mole Listening Pearls in 2002 the 12″ Right Version Left, reached no.4 in the DCC Club Charts. During the following years he continued with tracks for compilations and remixes in labels such as the legendary Shadow Records (New York) and UCMG (Germany – France), Phazz-A-Delic (Germany), Pig Balls Records (Switzerland), Kriztal entertainment (Miami), Cast-A-Blast (Greece), Sony BMG (Greece – Worldwide), Sabotage Concept (Germany), Timewarp Music (Greece),  and many more…

In 2008 he released his first full length album Utopia Vs Reality. This was an amalgamation of freestyle break-beats, jazz and latin influences, leaving downtempo aside for a bit, whilst exploring sounds and styles. For the first time the addition of lyrics lead to a different approach of “song” style writing, an approach that continued and evolved at the 2009 E.P. Um Novo Dia, the predecessor of Fuga Magica his second L.P. the return into downtempo / trip-hop territory, released in 2010. After four years he released “Until the Sun Comes Out”, while changing the name to DiaL (from Di(gital) aL(kemist)…easy uh?) and started rehearsing with the newborn band.

He’s been 1/4 in the project Dots & Frames (two filmakers and two music producers), creating fictional sound design for two short length movies that screened in various festivals. In 2005 he teamed up with dance team NOEL, once more as a sound designer, that won the 1st prize in the contemporary category at Prague New Dance Festival. He has mixed and produced music for Theatre plays and bands such as Night On Earth, Blend, Dustbowl, Penny Dreadful etc and restored tapes for the garage legends, The Last Drive. He has participated as an extra in the film of the great Theodoros Angelopoulos “Eternity and a day” and has work as assistant of production in the film of, another great, Dinos Katsouridis in the movie “Watch Out! Red Light”.

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